Now filming begins...

Now we have our story board sorted, and we know exactly what we're aiming for, it's time to get the cameras out...

You are always welcome to come along to the filming, in fact it's encouraged. That way you can see what's being filmed and suggest any shots you'd like us to get that aren't on the story board, after all you know your company better than us!

Post production...

Once we have all the footage we need, it's back to the computer to put it all together. Once again we'll be in contact with you to keep checking we're on the right lines. The post production includes:

  • Footage Import and review
  • Motion graphics
  • First Edit
  • Send it to you to review 
  • Make any amendments
  • Sound Mix
  • Colour Grade
  • Your second review
  • Final Amendments
  • Full Render

Delivering it to you.

The finished product will be delivered to you in the formats agreed at the design stage. These will most likely include an archive file for you to keep, an MP4 file for you to put on your iPad or iPhone and a HD web version for you to put on any video sharing platform you may have.