Turning off Suggested Videos on YouTube

Suggested content at the end of a YouTube video can be a great thing, or something to take traffic away from your video. In this short blog post we'll show you how to stop these showing on embedded videos.


Here's a quick video showing you how, or failing that follow the instructions below!



The easiest way is to get YouTube to put the code in your embed link, to do this:

1) Click the "Share" button at the bottom of the video

2) Next click the "embed" tab, once you've got this selected click the "show more" under the website URL you've been given

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 09.55.49.png


3) This will then open a series of check boxes, from these you just need to uncheck the "Show suggested videos when the video finishes" tab and you're done. This will amend the embed code and stop the suggested videos showing on your website.

You'll also notice this gives you even more control about what is shown by YouTube on your website.


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