Standing Out in a Crowded MARKET!

It’s now estimated over 70% of all online traffic is video, and guess what? This is only going to grow, with forecasts suggesting that video will account for 82 percent of all consumer traffic by 2020. 

With over 4 billion videos viewed per day, one of the hardest things to achieve, and most common questions we are asked, is “how do we get more people to watch our video?” So we did a little digging and found this great little article to help get you stared on social media, we even took the time to summarise it for you;


1. Be succinct - Keep it as short as you can without losing the message.

Your target audience are busy people and it’s common knowledge that attention spans are rapidly decreasing. With over 70 % of videos now view on mobiles or tablets viewers want short, sharp content.

One tactic we often find works well is to create a highlights video of a full video that needs to pack in a whole lot of content. Highlight videos can be used to crate the initial desire for a product or service and drive traffic to your website to find out more! “Set your bait and real them in.”


2. Spell it out - 85 percent of Facebook videos are viewed without sound.

As a golden rule, you’ll need to make sure that your viewer can understand exactly what is happening on their screen without the need for audio. 

Some publishers have chosen to add subtitles to their videos to counteract this, however we find that well timed, limited text works well to illustrate key messages.


3. Go native -  Upload videos directly onto your chosen platforms.

Ensuring your video autoplays when users are scrolling down their news feeds significantly enhances your chances of catching their attention. 

Furthermore, social media platforms have developed their algorithms to favour “native video content” over anything else, all part of their cunning plan to eat in to YouTube’s huge share of the video advert market, which brings us nicely onto…


4. Pay up - A little bit can go a long way!

If you’re struggling to get your videos noticed and in front of the people that matter, try “boosting your posts” it’s an effective way of achieving this because you can target specific audiences based on their personal profiles as well as their interests, it’s also a very simple process! 

We strongly suggest starting of with a small budget as a trial run to find out what works and what doesn't before making any significant investment.


5. Make a hash of it - Latch on to a popular phrase or trending topic.

If you’ve got no marketing budget to spare then you can always use #’s to increase your reach, just ensure that it has some relevance!


6. Go live - But tread with extreme care!

There’s a big boom in live social broadcasting at the moment across a number of platforms, this hasn't as yet really made it’s way into the commercial world, although we suspect to see this starting to increase in the near future, particularly amongst large consumer brands looking to build excitement levels over their new products.

If you’re thinking of adventuring into these dangerous waters, we highly recommend that you take a lot of time to plan your video and keep it simple, because if you get it wrong in front of a large audience it could be a disaster. 


7. Plant a seed - put your video in front of the right people.

When posting out a video on social media it’s a given that you want as much engagement as possible, so you’ll need to ensure that your video reaches the right people, let’s call them “influencers.”

If you reach out to the right people and they like your style, they’ll share your content and help you reach the masses.


If you would like some more in depth information about how to reach more people with your video or have any other video related questions, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!