Case Study: The Great Escape Game - When Words Simply Aren't Enough

We firmly believe if you have a great product, that is truly unique, then you are half way towards having a successful business! We also believe that a large part of the other 50% lies in making sure that your target audience knows about it. Pretty simple stuff, right?

When this is the case, words and images simply just aren’t enough, because the only way to really get this message across is by using video. Which is exactly what the Great Escape Game did, with this 34 second video we produced for them shortly after opening their Sheffield based real life escape room game.

Exciting right? Now imagine trying to build that same level of excitement you just felt using only words, or even combining these with images… It’s possible, not even the great JK Rowling could even come close. We’ve all heard the saying, a picture tells a 1000 words, well what number of words would you estimate for video? 

The Great Escape Game undoubtedly have an amazing product that has captured the imagination of the people of Yorkshire. They’ve also recognised that the best way to market this is by using video and in just over 30 seconds have explains exactly what it’s all about, whilst leaving viewers wanting to find out more. 

What they’ve also done well is made sure that people see this video. By placing the video in a prominent position on their website, so that it can’t be missed (instead of hiding it away somewhere that the majority of visitors will never see it), they’ve made sure that all new visitors can’t help but see it.

Remember we previously told you that placing video on landing pages can increase conversions by up to 80%! In doing this, The Great Escape Game will transform their audience from an intrigued visitor into a customer ready to tell all their friends about their find and click the book now button!