Drones - DJI Vs GoPro

GoPro Vs DJI

GoPro have finally announced their new drone, (which was only a matter of time) the Karma, However in a market largely dominated by DJI, how does it stack up?

Now, obviously at this point I’ve not used one, and our official drone pilot is away on a shoot, so these thoughts are based purely on the specs and my opinion.



Lets start with the cost of the two, the Karma will set you back £999 with a Hero 5 camera, (which seems insanely cheep, given the specifications of the Hero 5) whilst the Phantom 3 will be £790. (The phantom 4 is available however feature wise the 3 Professional is most similar). The Karma does come with its own backpack, whereas you’ll have to buy one for the phantom, costing an additional £149, so the real total for the Phantom set up is £939.

Price wise then there isn't much in it at all, however the gimbal on the karma is detachable and can be added onto a hand grip, this is a massive deal and the DJI equivalent of this is the OSMO, we have one here at Red Dot and it’s worth it weight in gold, an OSMO will set you back roughly £425. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the features it’s capable of will be better than the Karma stick, however both will solve a similar purpose. GoPro have also planned ahead and the Karma stick will be compatible with all the other GoPro mounting units, making it truly versatile.



When I watched the official GoPro release video, which you can see here, one of the things that stood out for me was the fact that GoPro have designed the drone to fold up small enough to take anywhere, I personally have a Phantom 3 and it’s too large to carry on your back “just incase” you want to use it. If GoPro have managed to make a drone and gimbal set up small enough to be truly portable, then thats a massive deal.

Another key feature of the Karma is the camera mount position, as it’s on the front of the drone you’re much less likely to see the propellors which have a nasty habit of spoiling shots. It’s also worth noting that you get a Hero 5 camera with it that can obviously be used as a regular GoPro if needed. The controller system on the Karma can also pair up to another phone or tablet, allowing a second person to either control the camera, or just watch what is being filmed. This is a feature only currently seen in the higher end DJI drones such as the Inspire.

When it comes to prestige, GoPro has been making cameras for an age, whilst DJI has been making them fly for almost equally as long, so I’d feel comfortable in saying the Phantom drones are going to be better performing than the Karma, at least initially. However it can’t be argued that with the Karma you do get an awful lot more for your money than than DJI’s offering.


So Which One?

So the big question, if I had £1000 to spend on a drone, which would I buy? If I already had a (relatively new) GoPro camera and an OSMO, I’d go for the Phantom for sure. However if I didn't, I think I’d go for the GoPro Karma offering, purely based on the fact that it has everything you’d need to get great footage and if GoPro are right, it’s small enough to take everywhere with you.



Take a look at our Aerial Showreel:


If you’d like to see GoPros official launch video take a look here: 



Words By: Greg Moore