How do I grab my audience's attention, and keep it?

How do I keep my audience engrossed?

Keeping your audience glued to your video is all about the content. In this blog post, we look at two key things that can help you get both the content right AND get your audience to click on your video in the first place.



We talked about these briefly in one of our last blog posts, but it’s hard to fully stress the importance of a thumbnail. Your video will be showing up in someone’s Facebook feed, Youtube feed or even on their Instagram, so you need something that will grab their attention enough to make them want to stop what they’re doing and watch it. So how can we do this? Cheat! Most video sharing platforms will allow you to upload your own thumbnail. This is an invaluable feature and one that should be utilised at every opportunity. Don’t just choose a frame that looks good but may not have any real relevance to the video- upload one that tells the viewer something about it. Add some text if it’s appropriate and make sure it’s a good quality image. Also, choose a frame or picture that fits somewhere towards the end. After all, that picture is the reason they clicked the link in the first place, so it’s fair to assume that they will stick around until they’ve at least seen it in context.



Pacing is incredibly important as you don’t want your video to be too slow and boring, yet you don’t want it to be so quick that major points are lost on the viewer. Aim to make your video as short as possible. Once you’ve edited it, go through it and check that each part or scene in the of video adds to it in some way; either setting a scene (establishing shots etc) or providing people with information. Watching a video that you’ve created with someone else seems to make you far more critical of your own work and notice mistakes that you may not have done if you’d been by yourself. So, before you upload it, get someone who fits into your target audience to watch it with you.


So there you go...hopefully this post will help to make your video stand out from the rest when it comes to your audience’s news feeds and teach you how to maintain interest once your video has been clicked on!