10 Tips on making a great video

Video usage is on the rise, we all watch it daily on our phones, tablets and computers. So, how can you make your band stand out? We look at 10 easy tips to help you do just that:


1. Determine what you want from the start.

Making a video is a lot easier if you know exactly what you want from the end product. It allows you to plan properly, aim it at your target market and outline any goals you want to achieve from the video. Such as: do you want it to be funny or informative? What sort of message do you want to convey? All these things will affect how the video is lit, shot and edited.


2. Include a call to action in the video

Every video should end with an instruction; this can be anything from "follow us on twitter" or "subscribe and share" to a more detailed instruction. This needs to be decided right from the start (bringing us back to point 1) as it will again affect the mood of the video. This message can be said, put in text or just suggested. All methods have different advantages and disadvantages, but all do the same job as giving the viewer some closure and signals that the video is over.

3. Be engaging

We are all busy and we all have a whole world of videos at our fingertips. If it’s boring or we don't like the look of it, we won't watch it - it’s as simple as that. Things like humour or a sense of intrigue will go a long way in keeping people interested; however if it doesn't look right or it has bad audio, it will make it uncomfortable to watch and it'll get turned off.  Make sure you get those things right as a priority. Also take into account how long a video needs to be and make sure you set a maximum time limit for yourself (we'll talk about this in our next blog post).

4. Don't just sell

"Everyone wants to buy, but no one wants to be sold to" is a famous quote that sums it up nicely. People don't want to feel like everything they see or watch is trying to get them to spend their money, you can get your brand image out there without pushing it on people. Give free information away, tutorials or advice - even make it a weekly thing so people have a reason to subscribe to your feed. That way when you do put a video out that IS selling something, people will still want to watch it and you'll have established yourself as a company or person who knows their stuff. This will give you credibility.

5. Use it alongside existing social media campaigns

Video is a powerful tool on its own, but if you pair that up with your existing social media campaigns it becomes even more so. You can use your existing social media to direct customers towards a new video that you've uploaded. For example, put on your Twitter feed a thumbnail and a link to your Instagram page - on here there’s a 15 second clip to grab people’s curiosity, then in the description link to your youtube page with the full video on. This will give you the opportunity to gain followers or subscribers on two different platforms, as well as giving people multiple opportunities to "share" the video.

6. Keep a clear structure

We're back to planning again, but as they say: "fail to plan, plan to fail". You need to know where your video is going. Each shot should have a purpose and should lead the audience into the video. The start should establish where you are and set the scene, the middle the purpose of the video and the end the conclusion and the call to action. If a shot has no purpose, remove it. It'll just make the video longer and detract from the overall impression your video will leave on your audience.

7. Identify your target audience.

Yep...planning, again. Make sure you know who you’re aiming your video at and tailor it to them. For example if you’re making a video to promote an old people’s home, do you really want people in their mid twenties in it? The people you have in your video will affect the impact it has on your target audience. As a general rule, use the people you want to appeal to in the video - after all you're trying to make people put themselves in the position of the actors.

8. Make it memorable

This goes hand in hand with point 3 (Be engaging). The purpose of the video is to get your brand out there, so you need people to remember what you tell them and to think of you first. This can again be done with humour, intrigue, an impressive skill or anything that’s relevant at the time such as: a parody of popular trends or news stories, just make sure people will want to tell their friends about it.

9. Keep it brief

You need to decide how long your video is going to be, this will vary depending on how many points you want to convey, the type of video you're making or the platform you’re going to host it on (for example if it’s Instagram you'll be capped at 15 seconds). However try not to go over a minute and a half, after this time your viewing completion rate will drop off like crazy and your video will lose its effect. (we'll cover this in a blog coming soon). 

10. Choose a good thumbnail

The thumbnail is what people will see and click on to view the video - if it’s boring people will just scroll straight past it. It needs to grab people’s attention and convince them to give up some of their precious free time to watch whatever it’s representing. Most video platforms will let you choose a still image from the video, however some will let you upload your own picture. If this is feature is available to you, use it! Add a little text, choose a high quality still, do anything to make yours stand out from all the rest peoples news feeds. 


So there we go, our 10 most helpful tips when it comes to making an online video masterpiece. We hope they help! We'll be posting more "Top 10" lists and other things that we find interesting and useful so keep checking back!

See you all soon!